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  • April 01, 2017 10:00 AM | Richard & Andrea Hammersley (Administrator)



    APRIL 1, 2017 10A-5P


    1300 E 100 S, LEBANON, IN 46052











  • January 08, 2017 8:44 PM | Richard & Andrea Hammersley (Administrator)

    We have prepared a list of shearers willing to help out the members with a few alpacas. We are thinking 6 or less. Most larger farms already have shearers engaged on a routine basis. I get several calls for people needing alpacas shorn.

    We have tried to find people in several areas of the state for the convenience of both the shearers and alpaca owners.

    Lafayette/Frankfort    Darrin Haupert  765-659-8852

    Seymour                   Tom Blanford    812-569-0688

    Ossian                       Kathy Kowal      260-438-4515

    South East                 Meagan Burkhart 513-708-6848

    Freedom                    Elizabeth Taylor 812-820-0343

    Anderson                   Marvin Ginn       765-779-8000

    We hope this will be helpful.

    Your IAA

  • August 25, 2016 1:13 PM | Richard & Andrea Hammersley (Administrator)

    In the near future we will  have alpaca minerals available for Indiana Alpaca

    members.  Huge savings. Stay tuned for availability.

  • August 25, 2016 1:11 PM | Richard & Andrea Hammersley (Administrator)

    We have alpaca feed for IAA members available in Flora and Greencastle.

    Please let us know if you are interested.  It is a great savings!

  • August 25, 2016 1:06 PM | Richard & Andrea Hammersley (Administrator)

    We hope all you alpaca farmers are okay after the nasty storms yesterday.

    If anyone needs help please feel free to let us know and we will try to assist you.

  • August 11, 2016 11:58 AM | Richard & Andrea Hammersley (Administrator)

    I had a call from an addiction center in Lafayette, Indiana inquiring about a therapy alpaca. They are interested in possibly adding an alpaca to their treatment  plan. They are interested in an alpaca visit to determine if that is something they want to add.

    Is anyone interested? They would like to get this working as soon as possible.

    If you are interested please contact me thru this site.


    Andy Hammersley

    President, Indiana Alpaca Association.

  • April 04, 2016 12:32 PM | IAA Admin (Administrator)

    AlpacaGram 3.33

    AlpacaGram 3.33

    April 4, 2016

    Dear AOA Members:

    As everyone who has run an alpaca event knows, it would be impossible to successfully complete such an event without support from many people. I am extremely humbled by the tremendous support we received for this year's AOA National Show & Auction. Below you will find the most comprehensive list that we could some up with. I am sure there are many other people who helped out, so I apologize if we missed anyone, but just know that I am extrememly grateful to you all. Please take a moment to look over this list and be sure to thank these folks and support them as you see them at future events, because they were each responsible for the success of the 2016 AOA National Show & Auction. The size of this list is truly humbling.


    Darby A. Vannier, MBA
    Executive Director


    Diamond Sponsors

    • Fun in the Country Farm
    • Rock Creek Alpacas

    Diamond Animal Donor Sponsors

    • Autumn Sun Alpacas
    • Hobby Horse Farm
    • La Finca Alpacas
    • Miller-McMahan Alpacas, LLC
    • North Plains Alpacas
    • Red Granite Ranch

    Meet & Greet Sponsor

    • Indiana Alpaca Association

    Gala Dinner Sponsor

    • DDC Veterinary

    Emerald Sponsors

    • Double Diamond Ranch
    • Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch
    • Heritage Farm Suri Alpacas
    • Little Creek Farm
    • Stachowski Alpacas, LLC
    • Stillmeadow Farm

    Coffee Sponsor

    • Classic Alpaca

    Vet Check Sponsor

    • EZid

    Ruby Sponsors

    • A Paca Fun Farm
    • AlpacaNation LLC
    • Andean Group LLC/Glengary Farm Alpacas
    • Buck Brook Alpacas
    • Gray Alpaca Company
    • Great Lakes Ranch
    • Kendall Creek Farms Alpacas
    • Long Hollow Suri Alpacas
    • Prairie Lake Alpacas
    • Renaissance Ridge Alpacas
    • Rogue Suri Alpacas
    • Scenic Sky L.L.C.

    Halter Show Class Sponsor

    • Mohawk Valley Farm


    • Alpaca Breeders of the Rockies
    • Alpaca Collections
    • Alpaca Fiber Coop of North America
    • AlpacaNation, LLC
    • Alpacas of Greater TN
    • Classic Alpaca
    • Echoview Fiber Mill
    • Everything Alpaca LLC
    • Fashion Forum, Inc
    • Gore Trailer Mfg, Inc
    • Great Lakes Alpaca Association
    • Indiana Alpaca Association
    • Inter-American Trading Inc.
    • International Camelid Institute
    • Lael Alpaca
    • Lanart International Inc
    • Latin Collection
    • Light Livestock Equipment
    • Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition
    • MI-alpaca
    • New Era Fiber
    • Peruvian Link Co.
    • Prairie States Insurance
    • Quality Llama Products, Inc
    • RedMaple Sportswear Co
    • Wilkins Livestock Insurance


    • A.L. Paca's Farms
    • Alpaca Country Estates/Patagonia Estates
    • Autumn Sun Alpacas
    • Copper Star Alpaca Farm
    • Crescent Moon Ranch
    • Foster's Trail & Alpaca Farm
    • Great Lakes Ranch
    • Hasselbring's Harmony Ranch
    • Hobby Horse Farm
    • Irish Meadows Alpaca Farm
    • La Finca Alpacas
    • Londondairy Alpacas
    • Miller-McMahan Alpacas
    • Morning Beckons Farm
    • North Plains Alpacas
    • Oak Lawn Alpacas, LLC
    • Pronking Acres Alpaca Farm, LLC
    • Red Granite Ranch
    • Rogue Suri Alpacas
    • Sie Sutter Suri Alpaca, LLC
    • Snow Diamond Alpacas


    • AJ’s Alpaca Ranch
    • Alpaca Breeders of the Rockies
    • Alpaca Herd Works
    • Alpaca Nation
    • Alpacas of Greater TN
    • Buck Brook Alpacas
    • California Alpaca Breeders Association
    • CCAP Alpacas
    • Choice Alpacas
    • Crescent Moon Ranch
    • Crystal Lake Alpaca Farm
    • Echoview Fiber Mill
    • Empire Alpaca Association
    • Flying Dutchman Alpacas
    • Happy Tails Alpacas
    • Lael Alpaca
    • Light Livestock
    • Loney’s Alpaca Junction
    • Luxe Fiber Design
    • Mazuri
    • Dr. Nicolosi
    • Peruvian Link
    • Prairie Lake Alpacas
    • Pronking Acres Alpaca Farm
    • Red Maple
    • Silver J Ranch Alpacas
    • SunnyMead Alpacas


    Larry and Becky Zierer
    Barn Managment

    Sue Ives & team
    Show Superintendent

    Jude Anderson
    AOA Certified Judge

    Kristin Burhmann
    AOA Certified Judge

    Diana Timmerman
    AOA Certified Judge

    Celebrity Sales

    Rick Stumpf

    Glenn Kerns

    Anthony Stachowski, DVM


    • Cindy Berman Morrow
    • Deb Hill
    • Wade Gease
    • Pamela Ray
    • Jay Reeder
    • Tim Sheets


    • Andy Hammersly
    • Anita Smith
    • Beth Sheets
    • Brenda Crum
    • Brenda Ginn
    • Casey Ashline
    • Cass County Youth Group
    • Chris Armstrong
    • Chris Lynch
    • Chris Mulier
    • Chris Works
    • Dan Varner
    • Debbie Pettis
    • Elizabeth Taylor
    • Gary Henderson
    • Helen Osterman
    • Heritage High FFA
    • Hope Bittner
    • Indiana Alpaca Association
    • Jana Melton
    • Jenny Grover
    • Jo Ann Skelton
    • John Curtis
    • Judy Schroeder
    • Karen Mulier
    • Lari Miller
    • Laurel Shouvlin
    • Liz Clark
    • Lynn Scholten
    • Magdalena Mendez
    • Margery Morack
    • Marvin Ginn
    • Michael Morack
    • Mike Shirey
    • Mike Smith
    • Natasha Grover
    • Nicole Williams
    • Norm Johnson
    • Stephanie Perez
    • Tammy Cotton
    • Tim Sheets
    • Tristan Osterman
    • Woodland High FFA

    Last but certainly not least, please thank our AOA staff; Jo Ashley, Margie Ault, Holly Barie, Becky Farley, Lisa Haas, Andrea Harrington, Dan Huntley, De Monson, Marie Schlater, and Linda Spilker. Without them working tirelessly all year long, the show would not be able to happen.

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  • March 24, 2016 12:43 PM | IAA Admin (Administrator)

    Indiana Alpaca Association

    To all AOA National Alpaca Show Exhibitors,

    Thank you for visiting Indiana and helping to make the National Show a huge success!  We hope you got to experience some Hoosier hospitality during your stay.  The Indiana Alpaca Association was proud to sponsor the St. Patrick’s Day Meet & Greet reception.  We hope you enjoyed the time to connect with friends and meet new ones.  We thought the Irish themed food was great and the visit from the leprechaun was fun!

    Our member volunteers and youth helpers appreciated to opportunity to serve you throughout the weekend and hopefully helped make the show a great experience for you.  All in all, it was a wonderful time of meeting new friends and networking in our alpaca community.   Thanks to all the exhibitors, vendors and AOA board and staff for making this possible.


    Indiana Alpaca Association
    Andrea Hammersley, President 

    If you would like to comment, feel welcome to post on our Facebook page: 

  • March 14, 2016 12:55 PM | IAA Admin (Administrator)
    This email was sent out to everyone signed up for the AOA National Show in Ft. Wayne:

    Indiana Alpaca Association

    The Indiana Alpaca Association extends a warm welcome
    to the great state of Indiana and
    invites you to enjoy our Hoosier hospitality. 

    Please join us at the Meet and Greet Reception on 
    Thursday, March 17 to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and
    the start of the AOA National Alpaca Show.

  • September 16, 2015 10:03 PM | Deleted user

    Hi Everyone!!

    We had a really good meeting last Saturday. Thanks to all who came and I hope to see more of you soon!

    The minutes have not been recorded as of yet but we talked about lots of good things.

    Here are some short term goals:

    There was buzz about being available for the National Show in March of 2016. For all of you who would be willing to participate in volunteering for whatever needs to be done or manning a booth, start checking your calendars! We want to have a good showing for Indiana at the National Show! The show dates are March 17-20, 2016 and will be in Fort Wayne at the War Memorial Coliseum. Hopefully, we will have more of an idea of what will be needed from us by our next meeting.

    We discussed the availability of agritourism signs. These have been available in the past but it has been about three years ago. By Indiana state law, those who participate in agritourism should have one of these signs posted. Here is the link to the actual House bill with all of the requirements listed.
    This sign meets all of the Indiana posting requirements. If you would like to order one (or more) please contact me. I will be talking to the company in Brazil who originally created these signs. Three years ago the cost was $35 and some change, including postage from Brazil, IN. I would plan on at least that much as I'm sure that costs have increased, although, the more signs purchased, the better the discount! There is a picture of the sign on the Facebook feed for Indiana Alpaca Association for those who want a look at it.

    We also had a discussion on hosting a fiber workshop focusing on processing/blending. We will be trying to utilize as many experts from Indiana, for this and other future events, as possible. Our member at large, Jana Melton, will be doing some research on this for us. Thanks Jana!

    We discussed the possibility of a "farm tour schedule" for Indiana Alpaca farms so we can meet some of our own alpaca farms and get to know one another better.

    Here is one long term goal:

    The FFA will be back in Indiana in October of 2016. We are working on being in contact with the FFA to see where they can use our help and to have a presence during the convention. Although this is a year away, please consider looking at your calendars now to see if you are available.

    We have a new member as of last Sunday. Thank you to the Vance family for joining forces with the IAA! We did some sharing of how to get involved with local 4-H groups.

    We also had a short discussion on working toward being mentors to those around us.  Not only as individuals but as an Association.

    As soon as we have the meeting minutes recorded, we will post them for availability. Thank you Tom Rearick for taking care of the details here.

    Thank you to all those who took time out of their busy schedules for the meeting this last Saturday! We can't be of use to anyone without TEAMWORK!! Hope to see you all with more great new ideas soon!

    Lastly, we will be looking at Sunday, October 18, 2015 for our next meeting. 2:00p.m. Location to be announced.

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